Application For Employment

Before you begin you should gather up a few pieces of information before you fill the form.

  • Have you got information about your references handy?
  • Got a copy of your drivers abstract in PDF or JPEG format?
  • The form data is not saved between browser sessions, So you need about 10-15 minutes.
  • A copy of the form data will be emailed to you for your reference. Got a current email address?
  • Your information is sent to the head of Human Resources at BJ Bobcat and Trucking Ltd. The information will be kept on file for 6 months, after which it will be deleted completely. Resubmit any time information changes (such as new phone number) using the same name
  • Most of the fields are optional, so it's your choice how much information you provide us.
  • We encourage you to drop off a resume in person in addition to filling out the form.

Now, on to the application form

If you are responding to an ad please tell us which one?

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What position are you applying for?
Do you have previous job experience with the position you are applying for?
What specific skills do you have that would be required for the job you are applying for?

What specific equipment have you operated previously?
Agricultural tractorsBulldozerTrack skid-steerTrack-type tractorsGraderSkid steer loaderCompact excavatorBucket-wheel excavatorTrencherBackhoe loaderForestry harvesterTrack harvesterWheel skidderMining tractorOff-road Agriculture SprayerArticulated haulerTrack loaderDump truckStandard dump truckSemi trailer bottom dump truckTruck and pup belly trainDouble and triple trailer bottomAerial work platformBoomtruckCherry pickerCraneForkliftdump truck tripleHighway end dumpSide dump truck
Do you have any of the following certifications?
H2S AliveStandard First AidWHMIS/TDGClass 1 Driver's LicenseClass 3 Driver's License
If you are trained in something not listed above enter each item separated by a comma:

How many hours per week are you able to work?
Can you work Nights?
Expected hourly wage?

Please List 3 References other than family

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  2. Name:
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Why are you applying for a job with BJ Bobcat and Trucking Ltd.? (career change, lifestyle change, relocating, unhappy at current company/job) Please be as specific as to what and why.

If you have a copy of you driver's abstract in a digital file, you may upload it here.
Apple iOS can only upload images; make sure we can read the picture. PDF is the preferred filetype.
Finally, we need to know your not a robot. Could you answer this quiz/question for us?